YEC 2018

The Lassonde Engineering Society proudly presents the York Engineering Competition (YEC). This is the annual competition that pushes students to compete amongst the best. In teams of two or four, students will design, build, test, program, consult, debate and present a solution to a problem faced by today’s society. Tensions will rise, tears will be shed and teams will crumble.

YEC Part 1
Consulting & Debate




A two day event where competitors are challenged to design a detailed solution to a large-scale engineering problem. The proposal must be made in a way that promotes the solution to the client (in the form of judges). Competitors must demonstrate resourcefulness while acting in good faith with the spirit of the competition. It is recommended that the topic incorporate more than one engineering discipline. However, the topic will not only challenge technical knowledge and skills but also, economic, environmental, political, and social implications.

A one day event where teams of two must use analytical techniques to present, with minimum preparation, a reasoned point of view of a resolution that will not be disclosed beforehand. The goal is to assess the competitor's abilities to convey ideas and develop arguments. The rules used in debate have been modified and relaxed for students so students without formal debate experience can participate.



Registration closes: Oct 22nd

Registration closes: Oct 22nd

YEC Part 2
Re-Engineering & Programming



Requires individuals to take existing engineering concepts, product, technique, or technology and incrementally improving on its design to suit an alternate situation or application. In this competition, students will be required to apply the re-engineering process to an existing gadget or mechanism in order to add new functionality to it or enhance original functionality. The intent of these improvements will be to extend the use of the device to an alternative situation or use case. Teams will consists of two members. Solutions will be presented through written reports and one presentation.

Teams of four members shall produce a piece of industry-quality software with all of the proper user and administrative documents. Teams will use their software development skills, their technical writing abilities, and their project management skills to design a solution to a posed problem. This solution will then be presented to company executives (judging panel) for approval. The winning solution will not necessarily be the most technically correct but the one that has the most real world applications. 



Registration closes: Oct 29th

Registration closes: Oct 29th

YEC Part 3
Design (Junior & Senior)

This design completion is split into a junior category for 1st and 2nd years, while senior is for 3rd years+. Both are two phases–a building phase and a presentation phase. In the building phase, teams are presented with a problem and have a limited amount of time (usually about 6 hours) to validate, design, build and implement a solution.  You will also have the chance to test your design within the constraints of the competition.The second phase is where you and your team present your solution to a panel of judges.  You will be given a maximum time of 5-10 min to professionally present your solution, why it works, how, and it’s limitations. Then your solution will be put to the test against during the final demonstration phase.
Junior Design Registration - CLICK HERE

Senior Design Registration - CLICK HERE
Registration closes: Nov 19th

The Lassonde Engineering Society will send the winners of YEC to represent our house and compete in the Ontario Engineering Competition.  (DISCLAIMER: We can only send engineering students!).  This is a kick-ass opportunity to show that we Lassondians are here to compete and dominate.  The Society will cover the majority of your expenses, so all you need to worry about is how you’re going to win. Winners of OEC will move on to the nationals.


Each participant will have to pay $10 fee to guarantee their spot in the competition.


The Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence, York University


Friday: Casual

Saturday: Business Casual


Consulting Debate Re-Eng Programming Design
October 26th - 27th October 26th November2nd - 3rd November 2nd - 3rd November 23rd - 24th

More Information

Junior Design:

The design problem in this category remains elusive until the day of the
competition. Teams of four are given four hours and limited material selection to
create a tangible solution to the proposed problem. Devices are tested after a
short presentation on implementation is given. A panel of judges will be looking
for creativity, cost effectiveness and feasibility.

Senior Design:

Unlike the other design problems, a week prior to the competition day senior
design competitors are given a hint regarding the challenge they will
encounter. A more detailed explanation of the engineering problem they must
face is disclosed the morning of the competition. Students have twelve hours to
formulate a tactile solution to the proposed problem. A short presentation on
implementation is given by the team of four and then devices are tested. A
panel of judges will be looking for creativity, cost effectiveness and feasibility.

Who Can Compete?

ALL York University students are eligible to compete in the competition.  However, we are only allowed to send engineering students to compete in the provincials.

  • Junior Design: Only 1st and 2nd year students are allowed to enter this competition.
  • Senior Design: Only 3rd and 4th year students are allowed to enter this competition.

Why compete?
To move away from the theoretical analysis and experience what it takes to tackle and solve a real problem with a real team.  To win prestige and honour of having won YEC and being a participant of OEC and potentially winning OEC to be the top team in the province which then makes you eligible for the CEC and winning that makes you top team in CANADA! And then going global!  Few people in the world can say they did that… oh and did we say there are tons of cash prizes to boot?

How to compete?
Don’t miss out on this once in a life time opportunity to change the course of your campus life. Round up a team of four, sign up and pay the fees, that’s all you need to do.

  • Teams must consist of 4 members or 2 members, no more, no less.
  • All team members must be enrolled at York University, and must qualify as either a junior competitor, or a senior competitor.
  • A team must present its own work at YEC. The teams must work independently with minimal assistance from organizers, faculty and other students.
  • Two teams from each category will be expected to represent Lassonde at the Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC). OEC is usually hosted within one to four weeks after YEC. Entry into the Ontario Engineering Competition and acceptance to participate in OEC is in accordance with the rules of OEC. Following YEC, the YEC Committee will invite the first place winners in each category to attend the Ontario Engineering Competition. In the event that the first place team in a category is unable to attend OEC or is ineligible to participate, the rules of the Ontario Engineering Competition will be used to select an alternate participant.
  • If a team is judged to be in violation of the official rules of the York Engineering Competition before, during, or after the competition the participant may be ejected from competition, and any prizes awarded may be required to be returned to the YEC Committee.