The way we see it – you are piloting this operation. This would include developing and setting a positive vision for the Engineering Society while developing and maintaining an encouraging environment. You will be communicating, collaborating and consulting with the Engineering Society as a whole and with the University. You serve as the highest dignitary as a council member and are a beacon of leadership, motivation and trust.


  • CEO of the Engineering Society
  • Manage the affairs of the Society
  • Ensure that decisions of the Council and the Executive are carried out
  • Handle complaints, moderate disputes
  • Be an intermediary between faculty, university administration and the Society
  • Attend University held functions requiring an official dignitary
  • Delegate and manage tasks amongst the Council
  • Set the goals for Society to achieve in the upcoming academic year
  • Coordinate transition period for Executives of the Society


VP External

Confident? Do you like to meet new people? This position involves dealing with the greater engineering populace in the provincial and national regions. As A VP External, you will be the public face of the university outside the university. You will have a chance to work with the Engineering Boards (PEO, OSPE and Engineering Canada) and Society Councils (such as CFES, ESSCO, QESCO and WESST) from all across the country and learn about the engineering cultures that helped shape the engineering profession in Canada. In addition, you will bring back information for the internal development of the society.


  • Be the official communication link to OSPE, the PEO, the CCPE, ESSCO, CFES and any other such external organizations pertaining directly to the council and its administration
  • Hold official voting power where the Society has an official vote
  • Form the delegations to attend conferences, such as CDE, FYIC and so on
  • Provide the necessary documents and the travel arrangements for delegates of the conferences
  • Collect and archive the feedback and experiences of the delegates from conferences
  • Be custodian of the Seal of the Society


VP Finance

You are the primary financial leader of the Engineering Society. This includes finding new funding avenues and sponsorships for the Engineering Society’s operations. In this position, you will be responsible for managing the reimbursement process while working with the faculty and student union. You are someone that must be always there.  




  • Perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President in his/her absence
  • Have custody of the funds and securities of the Society
  • Approve all official documents that will contain the logo of the society for official purposes
  • Keep full and accurate accounts of all assets, liabilities, receipts, and disbursements of the Society
  • Control the deposit of money, the safekeeping of securities and the disbursement of the funds of the Society
  • Perform all mandatory correspondence not handled specifically by the Vice-President External or President
  • Have signing authority for the Council
  • Manage asset and supply procurement
  • Supervise the work of the Director of Sales and the Director of Sponsorship


VP Communications

Creative? Do you carry a passion for social media? Have you ever made and maintained a website? How are your Photoshop, design and analytic skills? You will be expected to create content for the societies’ activities and have an opportunity to work on all projects, direct massive marketing campaigns, be a social media assistance to the Engineering Society, help build the brand of the Society and so much more.



  •  Coordinate dissemination of information to the Engineering Students
  • Maintain the society web and social media presence, email campaigns, Basecamp, Google Drive, and much more
  • Develop multimedia assets for the Society
  • General public relations, including a public relations program, if so desired
  • Promotion of engineering events outside the realm of or in conjunction with the Vice-President Social and Vice-President Academic
  • Arrange for media to attend special functions and liaise with said media personnel and York University’s Student Community and Leadership Development department if on-campus


VP Internal


You will be responsible for overseeing and leading the structural development of the Society.


  • Be custodian of the Seal of the Society
  • Initialize and coordinate the changes and the revisions of the Seal of the Society
  • Oversee the working and coordinate the activities of the different committees of the Society
  • Initialize and lead the structural development of the Society, such as levy, sub-clubs of the society and so on
  • Maintain the list of present and former Members and Council
  • Maintain a record of all minutes, including the taking of minutes of all meetings and sharing them after each meeting
  • Create and maintain office hours of the Society


VP Academic

You represent all of the engineering students to the faculty and govern the year representatives. This position involves voicing the students’ opinions on academic councils while also being a resource when knowledge is needed on academic policies and procedures. You will work closely with the faculty and the engineering society to develop the student representative program.  
  • Direct Members on the academic regulations of the University
  • Organize and coordinate academic related events
  • Act as the communication between Members and the Engineering Director
  • Act as the communication between the Society and any future students
  • Produce helpful content, blog entries, newsletters for the Society
  • Supervise first year representatives
  • Maintain a routine schedule for classroom visits to engage and inform students
  • Establish and foster connections with Professors
  • Establish and foster connections with Industry
  • Organize industry and professional development events for engineering students
  • Oversee the organization of YEC by the Director of YEC, take responsibilities of the Director in his/her absence


VP Social

You are the event planner and so much more. In this position, you are expected to develop student activities on campus, including the development of the engineering traditions, first-year integration and frosh activities.
  •  Co-ordinate events within York University for or involving Engineering Students
  • Submit a proposal for any planned event should any supplies be required, including a budget
  • Ensure that York university students have an equal chance to participate in external conferences and events
  • Organize frosh week events for incoming Engineering Students
  • Liaise with other colleges or groups on or off campus, should we be invited, or we invite other groups to events
  • Be the point of contact for interuniversity events
  • Ensure that all proper approvals required by the University for official function are completed by the Society


VP Development

You will be responsible for the sustainable growth and retention of the Engineering Society. Consider yourself the society’s evangelist. In this position, you will be expected to focus on enhancing student life, be it from maintenance of engineering space to creating helpful support material for students, to jump-starting stream clubs (i.e. Space, Computer, Geomatics, Software, Electrical), work with VP Academic and recruit first-year rep and volunteers. You will also find ways to incorporate the new engineering streams at Lassonde while working with the faculty and staff to develop Lassonde School of Engineering.



  • Develop new strategies to build the engineering community, such as traditions
  • Produce helpful content, blog entries, newsletters for the Engineering Society
  • Be responsible for projects, such as Engineering Student apparel (SWAG)
  • Manage the Council calendar and ensure deadlines are met
  • Supervise the work of the Director of Design



Year Rep

This position is open to all students across all years. Ideally, we are looking one person per year (ie. Second, Third, Fourth) who is enrolled in the ENG courses offered for that year. In this position, you will act as a liaison between students of your year and the council. This is a reduced workload position and you still get an opportunity to organize events.



  • Represents their specific engineering year and brings forth any matters to the council
  • Engages with students in their year and gathers opinion and data
  • Shadows and aids council executives at various tasks and events

Advisory Board


The Chief Returning Officer (CRO) is the previous year’s Engineering Society Council President. They have a more involved advisory role as they must ensure a successful transitionary process to the new council. They typically still hold a customary leadership role though this is not official.




An advisor is typically a past society executive or a faculty member and acts simply as a mentor and guide. They do not take on any specific duties and are recognized for their continued efforts to support the society with their expertise.