Meet The Team


Hi everyone! My name is Emily Secnik and I'm President of Lassonde Engineering Society! My role is to ensure the Society runs smoothly and that Lassonde Engineering students are properly represented. I have been apart of LES since my first year and I am so excited to see you all at our events and get to know you! I welcome you all to approach me at anytime and let me know what we can do to serve you better!


Vice-President Academic

My name is Donghyun(Danny) Lee. As the VP Academic for 2018/19 term, I am responsible for voicing student opinions on academic councils while acting as a resource for academic policies and procedures. I also oversee organization of York Engineering Competition and other academic competitions that happen in the Lassonde community. My goal as the VP this year is to  foster an environment where students can always get help with academics and build appealing profiles for future employers.

Vice-President Communications

My name is Apilash and I am your VP Communications for the 2018-2019 school year. I act as the liaison between the society and you guys, the students. My major roles include, maintaining our social media sites and website. I am excited for things to come this year. If you have any questions feel free to ask on our facebook page.

Vice-President Development

I am Celeste Collura a second year Space Engineering student and Lassonde Engineering Society’s VP Development. As the VP Development, it is my role to implement change and improve student life within Lassonde. With the help of the Director of Design, I create trendy apparel and Swag to showcase Lassonde and to help build up the engineering community. Feel free to stop by the EngSoc office if you have any ideas for new swag or traditions that you want to bring to Lassonde!

Vice-President External

Hey there fam! I'm Allen Kaplan, the VP External for the Lassonde Engineering Society. I act as a liaison with many external organizations such as ESSCO (Engineering Student Society Council of Ontario) and the CFES (Canadian Federation of Engineering Students). I am lucky enough to be able to help all engineering students attend conferences on a variety of topics from diversity, to sustainability and advocacy. If you're interested, send me an email or keep a lookout on the facebook. Stay lit!

Vice-President Internal


 I am Neharika Puri, and I am in my second year of Software Engineering. I am the VP Internal of Lassonde Engineering Society. Some of my roles include maintaining the constitution of the society, keeping track of the meetings and office hours, initializing and leading the structural development of the Society, such as sub-clubs and oversee the coordination of different committees of the Society.

Vice-President Finance

My name is Shyamaln Anandan. I’m a second year electrical engineering student. I'm the current VP of Finance for Engsoc 2018-2019. I handle all of the budgeting and money for the society. I hope to see all of you at our future events. :)

Vice-President Social

Hey! my name's Stefan Sion, a second year electrical engineering student and I'm your VP Social for this term. My job at LES is to bring together the engineering students at Lassonde through events. Before April, my hopes are to turn our faculty into more of a community, enhance networking opportunities for students and further develop Lassonde's culture. I look forward to meeting all of you! If you have any suggestions for trips and events, please find me during my office hours or contact me on facebook.