Why Should You Stay Opted In?

About Opt-in

The Student Choice Initiative is a new program that was launched by Ontario Premier last year, it was meant to give students an option to pay for services that they think are beneficial for them. The SCI is also supposed to add an extra layer of accountability to student run organizations within Ontario universities by ensuring that the funding received through “essential fees” are being spent according to what the Ontario Government deems to be a necessary component to student life. For more information click here

Why Should You Opt in? 

Staying opted in for the Lassonde Engineering Society Levy simply means improving your experience here at Lassonde. By opting in here is what you are opting in for: 

Access to networking events with engineering companies (Fiix, pagerduty, etc.)

With they Levy we will be able to create and host plenty of networking events with engineering companies to help you get a coop or internship as well as expand your horizons. 


50% off the York Annual Engineering Competition and expenses paid if you qualify for the Ontario Engineering Competition

Opting in would mean a 50% discounted admission fee to one of Canada's Largest Engineering Competition. If you and your team qualify for the Ontario Engineering Competition we will also help pay for the expense. This competition is widely recognized and is to showcase the talents of engineering students all across the province. 


Student conferences on professional development, diversity, sustainability and more

Conferences are a great oportunity to to learn about the latest research in your field and some hold workshops! Opting in will allow us to send more students to conferences and encourage learning valuable sills and expanding  your network.  

The lowest cost for Lassonde swag/apparel

Apparel is costly! We know that but we don't want you spending a fortune on it! Opting in will allow us to provide some sweet Lassonde Swag and Apparel at an affordable cost! 

Entry to all of Lassonde Engineering Society's socials (pub nights, skating night, bbq)

Each year we hold various social events! Allowing you to meet new friends, socialize and just take a break from all the hard work thought the year. Opting in to the levy will allow admission into all our cool social events through the year!  

Subsidized cost for the annual Lassonde Ski Trip

Our infamous Annual Ski Trip is one loved by many and by opting in to our levy  you will get a subsidized cost on tickets to the Ski Trip! 


Academic advocacy to create change in your programs and courses

Are there issues in your courses? Programs? Or do you have an overall complaint on how things are done academically? This levy will help us help you! We will stride to advocate your issues and concerns. We understand that its an education your paying for and it should be the best one you can get. 


By not Opting out of the Levy you are helping make you experience here at Lassonde  a better one.

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